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Bike Friendly Parks in Houston

Houston Bcycle

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Houston BCycle is a bike share program in Houston that is operated by Houston Bike Share. This service allows you to rent out bicycles in various parts of the city for a very small fee. If you don’t have a bike this summer, then don’t worry! Visit the Houston Bcycle website to find out more information on where you can rent one of these bicycles.


Hermann Park Trail

The Hermann Park Trail is a great place for a bike ride, with fresh air and lots of attractions to see. The park lies right in the middle of the museum district with various restaurants and shops to visit as well. Stop by the Japanese Garden and experience the beautiful landscaping design of Ken Nakajima. Riding your bike in the Houston heat can be overwhelming, need to cool off? Then pack a towel and some extra clothes, because right in front of the San Jacinto monument lies a mini water park where you and your kids can make a big splash! If you want to get in some extra cardio workout there’s also paddle boat services that you can try along the McGovern Lake.

Memorial Park

Memorial Park contains numerous biking and hiking trails that you’ll have endless adventures! Thes park has the biking trails color coded so you can use the maps to navigate your way through the park. Unfortunately, the bike trails are affected by weather and are closed off if conditions persist. The park also contains fields for recreational activities such as golfing, volleyball, tennis, and picnics. You’ll also be able to bring your kids along for the multiple playgrounds that are within the park, the majority of the playground structure are accessible for children with mobility issues.

Buffalo Bayou Park

If you’re looking for more of an adventure then get your bike in gear and stroll along the Buffalo Bayou Park. This park has bike trails that range for miles, so you’ll get your day’s worth of exercise. The cool thing about this park is that there are plenty of little hidden gems along the trail, such as mysterious red buttons, interesting architectural sculptures, and hidden bridges. During your bike ride, you’ll also be able to stroll the beauty that is Houston while catching glimpses of the Houston skyline.

Stude Park

Located in the Heights, this park contains a trail that overlooks the skyline of Houston and it is a must see! There isn’t much shade around this park so don’t forget to put on sunscreen and wear a cap. Along the trail you can also stop by and make a splash at the local pool, or stop by the playground nearby for your kids to enjoy the environment. Don’t have a bike to ride on the trails? Don’t worry, recently a B-Station has been implemented at the park for you to ride on the trails.

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