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How to Install a Pool in Your Backyard Just in Time for Summer

Adding a pool to your backyard can substantially increase the value of your property, but these projects are also quite complicated. Depending on your location and the type of pool you are installing, you might even need to hire a contractor to make sure that the project does not violate any local regulations. With a little hard work and some extra planning, you should be able to install a safe pool that adheres to all city codes well before the hottest months of the year.


Create a List of Must-Have Features

Few people realize just how many features a pool can have, and those additions often make a big difference once the pool is finally being used. You can start this process by coming up with a general idea of why you want the pool and how it will be used. Some of the features that you will need to think about include a diving board, the type of filtration system that is used, lighting, the cover, and the layout of the steps.


Come Up With a Realistic Size

It is all too easy to overestimate just how big your backyard actually is, and that can cause huge problems down the road. The easiest way to come up with a realistic size is to walk the entirety of your backyard with a spray can and mark where you think the pool should be. Some companies, like KrisCo Aquatech Pools & Spas, know that even if that will not be the exact dimensions of the pool, the contractor will need a general size before they begin excavating. Homeowners also need to realize that larger pools are often much more expensive to maintain.


Work With an Experienced Contractor

Most homeowners will need to hire a contractor if they want their pool to be finished as quickly as possible. When you are looking for local contractors, you should only contact those who are insured and fully licensed to work in the state. If you hire an uninsured contractor and they make a mistake, then you could end up dealing with thousands of dollars in damage.


Carry Out Some of the Work Yourself

Like many other home renovation projects, you should be able to do some of the work yourself to save money and speed up the process. After you have identified where the where the water and power lines are buried in your yard, your contractor might give you permission to carry out some of the excavation work. You can also begin sprucing up other parts of your backyard to get it ready for your first party.

Installing an in-ground pool is one home renovation project that should never be taken lightly. Any work that is done in your backyard must adhere to all local rules and regulations or you will run the risk getting fined by your city.

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