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Home Safety: 4 Health Necessities You May Have Overlooked

Home safety is something practically everyone is concerned about. Break-ins can happen anywhere and to anyone. The real question is if there are ways to help ensure that you do not fall victim to this type of crime. We all know the basics like locking the door. However, is there more that can be done to help ensure the safety of your home? Below are four necessities in home safety that you may have overlooked.


1. Proper Lighting

This tip comes from Clint Emerson, a former Navy SEAL. Proper lighting is a simple yet effective way of keeping your home safe. Burglars many times search for homes that are easy targets and often use the shadows to help them break into homes. Being under a bright light can make someone feel exposed. By illuminating the main entrances to your home with sensor lighting, you lessen the chances of someone breaking in.


2. Locking 2nd Story Windows

This piece of advice may seem like common sense, but it can actually be quite the lifesaver. Many times upper-story windows are not properly secured. All a potential thief needs is a ladder laying around the house or the ability to climb up to the window. Make your house less of a mark by securing all your windows when you leave the house.


3. Installing Longer Screws in Your Door Frame

This tip also comes from Emerson. Many people either do not know this trick or simply do not take the time to change out the screws used on their door frame. By changing out the shorter screws for longer ones, you make your door harder to kick in. The extra time and effort it takes to break down the door, means more time for the thief to get spooked or be seen by someone in the neighborhood.


4. Installing Barred Doors and Windows

If you live in a particularly crime-ridden area, or simply want to have an extra level of security beyond the basics, you may want to install barred doors and windows on your house. For many potential thieves, a barred house is simply too much of a challenge to try and break into. You can contact a professional welding service, like Sam’s Welding Incorporated, or other welders to help install your barred doors and windows. Make sure you get safety bars that have an emergency release that doesn’t involve needing keys, a code or special knowledge. You don’t want to get trapped in your house if an emergency arises inside your home.


In the end, safety is something all of us are concerned with. By installing and utilizing these security measures you will have made your home a hard target and thus lessened your home’s chances of being broken into.

Emma Sturgis

Emma Sturgis is a freelance writer living in Boston. She writes most often on marketing and finance. When not writing, she enjoys baking, rock climbing, and film noir.