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Your Very Own Home: How to Build Your House from Start to Finish

For those who can afford to do it, building a new home is the best possible way to make sure you get everything you want in a house. With much more control over the features a newly-built home will have, you can be sure your house fits your exact needs and wants. Here are the steps you’ll need to take to have your own dream home built from scratch.


Buy the Property

Before you begin construction, you’ll need to buy the property your new home will sit on. While you can do this on your own and then bring in builders, some building companies, like Jeffrey Hills and Associates, will help you through the purchasing process. Make sure you plan the layout of a property before you purchase it, as it will be difficult to envision exactly what it will look like with your new home on it otherwise.


Know Your Local Codes and Get Permits

In any major building project, you’ll have to secure permits and get authorization from local officials. You should know the local codes and building regulations to be sure that your plans for your home will not violate them. Once your plan has been approved and you’ve gotten all of the needed permits, construction on your home can finally begin.


Hire a Builder

When you’re ready to begin building, it’s time to hire the company that will actually construct the home. A full-service construction company will bring carpenters, cement workers, plumbers, electricians and all other needed professionals in to build the home you’ll soon be living in. When selecting a builder, don’t just hire the very first one you come across. Instead, shop around to get the best price and the best service you possibly can, as building a home from scratch is a huge investment.


Be Patient

Probably the hardest part of the entire home-building process is the part in which there’s nothing useful for you to do. While the builder works to construct your dream house, you’ll simply have to be patient. Though the process may take a long time, just remember that it will be more than worth the wait when you finally move into your brand-new house.

Building a house from scratch is the best way to ensure your own satisfaction with a new home. Every stage of the process will have its own road bumps and complications, but don’t get discouraged. Once you’ve started in on a custom home-building project, it’s only a matter of time until your new house is up and ready to be moved into.


Hannah Whittenly

This article was contributed by freelance writer and independent blogger Hannah Whittenly.