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How to DIY a Splendid New Sunroom Addition onto Your Home

A sun room addition allows you to make the most of warm, sunny weather. When planning to build your own sun room addition, keep these four tips in mind.


Decide Where to Build the Sun Room

In most places, a sun room that is located on the south side of your home will provide you with the most warmth and light. If there is no room on the south side or your back door is on the west, east or north side of your home, these are still acceptable places. Make sure that there are no buried or overhead utility lines in the way of your future home addition.


Pour a Foundation and Cut the Concrete

If there is already a concrete patio, you might need to do some cutting of the concrete to prepare it. Certain companies, such as Greene Concrete Cutting Inc., know that concrete cutting makes it easier to frame a sunroom addition. If you need to pour a new concrete foundation, concrete cutting is helpful in achieving smooth edges and proper right angles for the corners.


Build the Walls

Once the foundation for the sun room is ready, it is time to frame the walls. You will need lumber in order to do the framing. Wall studs may need to be trimmed in order to accommodate the slope of the concrete slab. You will also need plywood to complete the framing of the walls. Consider insulating the walls for optimal conservation of energy.


Put Windows and a Roof on the Room

A sun room needs plenty of windows. Choose double-paned or triple-paned windows for the best level of energy efficiency. Standard-sized windows are less expensive than specialty shapes. Make sure that the windows have screens so you can open the windows for fresh air and keep the bugs out of your addition. Put efficient shingles or corrugated metal roof on the waterproofed and prepared sheathing.

These four tips will help your do-it-yourself sun room project to go as smoothly as possible. It is also important to get a work permit before doing this type of a home addition. You may have to get your building plans approved by an architect before the work can begin. Once your sun room addition is complete, outfit the space with some comfortable indoor/outdoor furniture and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

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