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Curb Appeal 101: Easy Ways You Can Make Your House Look Better

Looking for ways to spruce up your house can be a thought-provoking process. However, with the many methods and DIY projects out there, putting things together to make your house more desirable to the eye is easier than you think. Each of the ways below will definitely be a game changer.

Add Flowers Around The House

Adding a little color to your house and its surroundings can do wonders to its look. Flowers and their vivid imagery not only adds colors to your home, but also make it more enjoyable to look at. Take your planting another step and begin planting a garden. Another benefit of flowers is you can change the look of your home each season with minimal effort.

Replace Your Front Door

Going in and out of the same door can be tiresome and exert a old perspective on a home. replacing an old door with a new one will bring life to your home. While this may seem a lot of effort, it doesn’t take much more than a new door and some tools. This will upgrade your home while making it look like a slightly different home.

Paint Each Room A Different Color

Nothing makes a home more dull than one with every room in the house painted the same exact color. Painting the bedroom blue, the kitchen yellow and the living room white makes a house look more interesting and enjoyable to live in. If you don’t want too much color, opt for one wall in the room to paint for an accent color. You can also add dimension by painting the walls a different color than the doors and baseboards.

Move Furniture Around

While moving furniture doesn’t seem like such an innovative renovation to a home, it could actually add a different look to each room in the house. When visitors come over and the couch is on the other side of the living room, they will notice something is different. A simple switch of your bed and television could provide the feeling of a new room without spending a dime.

Get Rid of Extras

There are some rooms in most of our homes that just have too many items. Similar to moving furniture around, a simple removing of the a table can make it feel like a new room. It could also provide more space if the room is tiny. Some of the things in homes have been there for a long time just collecting dust should be gotten rid of.

Add Pictures

Adding pictures to your home is a good way to keep it fresh. There is nothing people like looking at more than pictures. They provide sentimental or important value, and by adding them to your home, you’ll always be reminded of of your family. Instead of looking at a plain colored wall, load it up with framed pictures of smiling faces. It will make the house feel happier.

There are several ways to make a home look better. By simply adding and changing a few things, your home can be the eye candy it was when you first bought it.

Informational credit to Sunrise Windows & Doors Depot Ltd.

Anita Ginsburg

Anita Ginsburg is a freelance writer from Denver, CO and often writes about home, family, finance and business. A mother of two, she enjoys traveling with her family when she isn't writing.