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Curb Appeal 101: 4 Ways to Completely Transform Your Yard This Summer

Paying attention to your home’s curb appeal is a great way to stand out from neighbors and even increase your home’s value. Whether you install new fencing or simply bring in some stylish plants, it’s easy to put in a little effort for a big return.

Stain Your Wood

Whether you want to revamp a shed or enliven your wood picket fence, a little stain can make your yard look brand-new. Homeowners have a huge variety of wood stains to choose from, including royal blue, opaque white and even transparent mulberry. It’s easy to find a classic shade that fits in with the standard style or play with a color that’s a little more quirky.


Grow That Garden

From juvenile lemon trees to thriving tulips, plants are the perfect way to boost your curb appeal year-round. A well-maintained garden brings a certain charming atmosphere to any home, with blooming flowers lining the sidewalk and decorative vines creeping up the fence. You may even consider installing window boxes with delightful plants like lavender, snapdragon or white licorice.


Renovate Your Fence

Sometimes, all it takes to boost your curb appeal is installing new fencing. If you’re looking for chain wire fencing to line your property, you should look into companies like Diamond Fence (Aust) Pty Ltd to have it professionally done. Likewise, you should check out your local home improvement store for wood picket fencing and the associated primer and paint if you’d like to spruce up your yard with vibrant colors. Ultimately, your fencing choices can pair excellently with a well-trimmed hedge that adds another layer of visual interest to your yard.


Prettify Your Porch

Some great ways to turn your porch into the most stylish area of your yard include lining up elegant rocking chairs, repainting the porch itself and even bringing out a decorative dresser. With charming items like these, you can heighten the style and curb appeal of your yard while also bringing in some utility. Elegant embellishments that can be seen from the street are sure to make your home the most attractive in the neighborhood.

Overall, your yard provides a great opportunity to nurture a cozy, well-maintained home with plenty of curb appeal. If you focus on any of these four tips this summer, you’re sure to bump up your home’s curb appeal by a long shot. From cute accessories to renovating your fences, you have plenty of options for a new look this summer.


Lizzie Weakley

This article was brought to you by Lizzie Weakley, an independent writer and freelance blogger.