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5 Dramatic Ways to Add Curb Appeal to Your Home and Yard

The exterior of the home will determine how much it stands out in the neighborhood and will also influence its overall value. The curb appeal is the first impression that is made on your guests and will determine its level of appeal. To increase the appearance of your exterior setting, there are a few important steps to take.


1. Install a New Fence

A new fence will work as one of the main focal points of the yard that allows it to look high-end and can also secure the property. Install a fence from a company like Mills Fence, which will determine the style of the building. Opt for aluminum fences, which are available in different styles and has a high level of durability to ensure that they withstand environmental elements and last for many years.


2. Paint the Home

One of the best ways to boost your home’s curb appeal is by applying a fresh coat of paint to the siding of the building. Opt for using a neutral color that blends in well with the surrounding homes and allows the property to look contemporary.


3. Plant Flowers

Flowers that are planted in the yard or in large pots will incorporate extra color shades into the yard and will contribute to the aesthetics of the home. Consider planting yellow tulips on the front porch or adding peonies in a garden in the spring to create a space that looks updated and maintained.


4. Add a New Mailbox

The mailbox is one of the first features that your neighbors will see when passing by your home, making it important to update the feature with a new box. This will allow the address numbers to appear visible from several feet away and can also secure your mail with a lock that is included.


5. Remove Clutter

Toys and yard equipment can easily detract from the quality of the space, making it important to tidy up the yard. This will allow more attention to be focused on specific features of the building to ensure that it looks clean and is maintained well.

When you want to increase the appeal of your home, it’s important to focus your attention on the exterior of the building to ensure that you transform the home’s appearance. With the right steps taken, you can create a cozy and inviting property that will increase in value.


Lizzie Weakley

This article was brought to you by Lizzie Weakley, an independent writer and freelance blogger.