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Pack and Save

Moving to a new home or apartment comes with a great deal of stress. From becoming familiar with a new neighborhood, putting the kids in a new school and acclimating to new surroundings, one way to reduce stress during your …

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Out with the old floor, in with the new

You know it’s time for the mustard-colored shag to go, but choosing the right replacement flooring isn’t always easy. Carpet, tile and hardwood flooring all have distinct advantages over one another, and the perfect choice for your home depends on …

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Got Unused Items Building Up In Your Backyard?

How does your backyard look? Is it clean and spacious or is it piled up with bicycles, a swing set, a trampoline, lawn chairs and other items you no longer use? Maybe you didn’t intend for your yard to collect things but …

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Couponing 101:

This is the third part in the series Couponing 101. Click here for parts #1 (“The art of saving“) and #2 (“The fun of saving“).  After starting to get thousands of coupons, you start to think “Is there a faster …

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Six Benefits of Purchasing a Home That Needs Some Renovation

Just because a home is in need of some updates or repairs doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be on your list to consider. The home might not be exactly what you pictured for your family right now, but there are several …

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Cottage Charm:

  Creating a unique, all-year garden is easy to do when you take advantage of the many garden decorations, statues, and other outdoor décor available in many garden stores. Selecting the best flowers to plant in your garden also plays …

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