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6 Fun Activities for Your Wedding Reception

The hard and stressful part is over – now is the time to hooray the newlyweds and celebrate the beginning of an exciting journey. Reception is the part where everyone’s dancing and toasting to the happy couple; surely you don’t want everyone glued to their chairs, bored, waiting for an appropriate time to go home. In order for your inner excitement to reflect on overall atmosphere, you will have to get a little bit creative. To prevent your party from being a total drab and turn it into an absolute fab, we advise you to consider organizing some exciting wedding reception activities.


Message in the bottle

Aside from it being a great choice for a slow dance song, a Message in a Bottle is a great way to make sure you get a note from every single one of your guests. Place a bottle with a piece of paper next to each seat on the table and tell your guests to write down something they would love to share with you. Is it a few words of wisdom for the future? Funny anecdote they remembered? Let them jot down whatever comes to their mind, and you’ll end up with quite a unique gift that will, years in the future, make you laugh, giggle, or even shed a happy tear.


Breaking the ice

It is exactly what it sounds like – a game meant as an icebreaker for people who end up at the same table but have met before. Place a stack of cards in the middle of the table, next to a centerpiece and include statements like “if you’re a Sagittarius, stand up”, “if you love sci-fi movies, raise your hand” and similar. This particular game actually proved to be highly interesting for bride and groom’s single friends. Namely, what you should do is have them seated together at the same table(s) and help them get to know each other better through this game.


A picture worth a thousand words

Photographs are the best wedding souvenirs you can get, so why not look for a party and wedding photo booth to hire and have everyone spontaneously take pics, like when you were just a couple of clueless teenagers in a mall? Some photographs you can pack in gift bags for your guests to take home and others can be included in your wedding album and have a lasting memory.


Board games as centerpieces

Yes, colorful floral centerpieces do add class to the venue, but could you maybe exclude them from some tables? Maybe most of your friends will spend the day on their feet, singing and dancing, but what about the elderly? Place scrabble, chess, connect 4, and similar board games so that they would have something fun and interactive to do while the young folks are out there dancing. It is also a great way to entertain the kids, who usually find wedding receptions quite boring. This way you’ll find a way to keep them occupied and their parents free to have fun without worrying about the safety of their children.


Interactive buffet

Who doesn’t like a chocolate fountain? Not only does it elevate the overall design of the venue, it also elevates the atmosphere. Aside from it, you can maybe include separate food stations for people who would maybe like to build the dish themselves, like tacos, tortillas or burritos. This way you provide your guests with a variety of choice and also enable them to make meals that cater to their specific tastes.


Nobody puts baby in the corner

Finding a band or a DJ who will play music everyone likes is a mission impossible. With this in mind, you might want to make sure all your guests get to hear at least one or two songs they like and dance to it. Ask all your guests to write what they would like to hear on a piece of paper and ask whoever you’ve hired for the day to play those songs. You’ll have each and every one of your friends or family members dancing at some point, and trust us – they’ll appreciate the thought.

Choose one, or even more activities to incorporate into your wedding reception, and you’ll easily achieve the memorability you strive for.

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